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Jet Li: “A Tsunami that changed my Life”.

Have you ever thought that a natural disaster could bring any positive consequence? I hadn’t until I read a Newsweek’s article which changed my mind.

In the article, Jet Li, a famous Chinese actor, says his tsunami story and how it changed his believes as its title indicates: “A Tsunami that changed my Life”.

The story took place at the Four Seasons Hotel in the Maldives Island where he went for vacation with his wife and two daughters, “who then were 1 and 4” in December of 2004. The following morning after arriving, there was an earthquake at 7:50, but he didn’t worry about because he had already experienced some earthquakes in China and San Francisco. Therefore, he didn’t put off his plans. At 10:10, he was outside the hotel with his daughters and the nanny, ready to enjoy the pool and the beach. However, they couldn’t enjoy them because he suddenly saw the water from the beach was coming very fast. People started to run toward the hotel. Then, he took one of his girls and the nanny picked up the other one. Fortunately, they could save their lives and help others.

This experience inspired Jet Li to create the One Foundation which is a foundation dedicate to a disaster relief. Not only does he want to provide relief in natural disaster, but he also wants to spread out the idea the everybody has a responsibility for each other, and everyone can help a little bit, and at the end, all these little contributions will accomplish a big solution. Now, he plans to come back to the big screen to raise money and awareness for his foundation.

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